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About Us



We've always had great interest in handshaped boards because they are unique, such as a piece of art. There are no rules to define a surfboard, and there are endless possibilities to create something.

We started to talk about making our own boards during an Indo trip, seeing so many different waves and dreaming about surfing different boards on them. At the time it seemed like a good idea to surf shapes that we've always dreamed of, so we decided to start shaping our boards in Seignosse, next to Hossegor. Orders started coming out from friends, then friends of friends, and just like that, Gencives was born.

Everybody wants or imagines something different when it comes to a surfboard, our passion is to translate these thoughts and feelings into a surfboard to give the surfer the feeling and the connection he expects.


Surfboard manufacturing is far from ideal for the environment, and we do our best to produce the most responsible and sustainable boards possible. We’re trying to minimise our waste as much as possible and build boards that are durable.

Starting from the foam to the end of the process, our surfboards are entirely handmade in order to leave no detail out and ensure that each of our surfboards is unique and meets your expectations.

Made in France in Seignosse

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